Film Projects
Ideation Entertainment has developed a number of feature-film screenplays and we are looking to partner with seasoned film industry producers and financiers.

For more information on the books and musicals these Screenplays have been based on, please refer to our ‘Store’ tab.

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(1)Operation Beautiful Cloud 

Ideation Entertainment is excited to announce that we have optioned the book rights to the fascinating true story of “Anna – Widow of a Gestapo Boss” by Erik Haaest with Myrna Petersen.


We have developed a Feature Film Treatment based on ‘Operation Beautiful Cloud,’ the expedition to save disabled children from the Vietnam War.

(2)Feature Film Prophetic Trilogy

An Epic Prophetic Biblical Trilogy, the stories of three Major Prophets are predominately set in the period of Israel’s divided kingdom (889-587 BC). Screenplays by Myrna Petersen, and many original musical numbers have been composed for these productions.

(i) Elijah Comes

Known as the prophet who called down fire from heaven, the sights, sounds and musical numbers will highlight the prophetic acts of Elijah. The epic nature of this historical story has great potential to reach all nations and attract audiences from every walk of life. 

The story of Elijah has past, present and future prophetic relevancy. Elijah Comes to a rebellious Israel; he comes transfigured in a Cloud of Glory with our Messiah; and Elijah is coming before the great and dreadful day of the LORD.

(ii) The Musical Story of Jeremiah

Based on the life of Jeremiah, the Old Testament prophet, and adapted from Ideation’s 2002 Canadian stage musical production, “The Musical Story of Jeremiah,” written and directed by Myrna Petersen.

 Jeremiah Musical

Rave reviews included, “the music is phenomenal” and “the colorful costumes are stunning.” This epic period piece follows the life of Jeremiah who had prophetic encounters with the last 5 kings of Judah and accurately predicted the destruction of the temple and the fall of Jerusalem. It has Kingdom significance to release hope and faith for the viewers to realize that like Jeremiah, they too can have a personal relationship with the living God.

(iii) Ezekiel - Prophet to the Craftsmen

As Ezekiel was a Seer and a Prophet to the Craftsmen, so the development of this project will include the artistic involvement of many anointed international artists and musicians, creating a true art film. Special visual and sound effects will highlight Ezekiel’s visions and prophetic acts.

(3) The Straw Stack Murders
This 1930’s true crime screenplay is from Petersen’s book, “The Pathological Casebook of Dr. Frances McGill.” Dr. Frances McGill was one of Canada’s first female forensic pathologists and a leading criminologist. This project has the potential for development into an original TV or Internet series and the character of Dr. Frances McGill is a coveted role for any mature actress.

(4) Puppet Strings
Contemporary Political Drama, this screenplay is based on published e-book. “Puppet Strings" reveals untold secrets of the unscrupulous measures that citizens will resort to when they attempt to get their favourite candidate elected. 

A Romantic Comedy set in both Canada and the USA. When a Canadian Nurse responds to personals column, little does she suspect that the "Wealthy American Artist" who placed the ad, is little more than an convict trying to get into the country to pick up some ill-gotten money.