“Reaching The Impossible - Dr. Krishna Kumar’s Story”  $9.99 US 
From his humble beginning in India, Dr. Krishna Kumar, C.M., S.O.M., M.B., M.S., F.R.C.S.©, F.A.C.S., LL.D. (HON.) Has achieved international renown as a neurosurgeon. He is the recipient of the Order of Canada (2010), the highest civilian honour that his adopted country has to offer. He was named 1 of 30 prominent in the India Abroad Power List 2009. Read More...

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 by Myrna L. Petersen
Was it murder? When a sudden death in Saskatchewan exhibited the slightest signs of foul play in the 1930’s, investigators turned to one person who consistently demonstrated insight and uncanny ability to correctly determine causes of death. The fact that Dr. Frances McGill was a woman may have concerned some in the beginning, but it made no difference to those who wanted an accurate answer to the question “was it murder?” Read More....

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REACHING THE IMPOSSIBLE - Dr. Krishna Kumar’s Story 
by Myrna L. Petersen
by Erik Haaest with Myrna L. Petersen
The story of Danish Anna Lorenzen from ‘Devil of torture chambers’ to ‘Angel of Children.’

From the original Danish work ‘ANNA HIPOCHEFENS ENKE’ by Erik Haaest (1935- 2012). Now for the first time, the story of the one-arm Anna Lorenzen has been translated and modified into English by Erik Haaest and Canadian author, Myrna L. Petersen. 

Romanced. Betrayed. Hated. Idolized.  Read More....

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"I have read Myrna's works, and now working on a feature length film with her. She has a profound insight to the heart of matters that really makes a difference. Her works are worth reading." 

Troy Leblanc
Film Director
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“Puppet Strings - The Campaigners” $4.99 
The Musical Story of Jeremiah - Live Performance Music CD, recorded in Saskatoon, SK. $10.00 . 

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