REACHING THE IMPOSSIBLE - Dr. Krishna Kumar’s Story 
by Myrna L. Petersen
From his humble beginning in India, Dr. Krishna Kumar, C.M., S.O.M., M.B., M.S., F.R.C.S.©, F.A.C.S., LL.D. (HON.) Has achieved international renown as a neurosurgeon. He is the recipient of the Order of Canada (2010), the highest civilian honour that his adopted country has to offer. He was named 1 of 30 prominent in the India Abroad Power List 2009.

For nearly five decades, Dr. Krishna Kumar has lived and practiced the delicate art of neurosurgery from the Canadian city of Regina, SK. Working in relative isolation, he has pioneered and globally led in decades long ground-breaking research in the area of neuromodulation. His labour of love and dedication has resulted in Dr. Kumar becoming one of the most prestigious researchers in the treatment of chronic pain.

“Every day you have to learn something. It is up to you, if you want to be ahead in the pack, the middle of the pack or behind in the race. You hold the key to your success. I want to be ahead in the race and I don’t care how far the next guy is behind me.” Quote of Dr. Krishna Kumar.

Book includes a bonus ‘Living With Pain’ DVD. This DVD documents the successful medical breakthrough work of Dr. Krishna Kumar and his focus on the types of implants utilized in treating five individuals who suffered from chronic pain.

ISBN 978-0-9738893-1-4 (2010)

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