by Erik Haaest with Myrna L. Petersen 
The story of Danish Anna Lorenzen from ‘Devil of torture chambers’ to ‘Angel of Children.’

From the original Danish work ‘ANNA HIPOCHEFENS ENKE’ by Erik Haaest (1935- 2012). Now for the first time, the story of the one-arm Anna Lorenzen has been translated and modified into English by Erik Haaest and Canadian author, Myrna L. Petersen. 

Romanced. Betrayed. Hated. Idolized. 
Words which cover four phases of Anna’s life. 
Romanced and in love with a man, who was executed as one of Denmark’s most notorious terrorists during Germany’s five year occupation from 1940-45. 

Betrayed by the man to whom she had dedicated herself. Only 31 years old, she never recognized the snare he led her into, a trap which nearly cost her life. 

Hated for her role during the years of the Nazi-German occupation of Denmark. Captured and declared a torturer in the hated Danish Gestapo named HIPO, she was condemned to execution by a firing-squad. Her sentence was later overturned by the King of Denmark. 
Idolized. After 11 years in Danish prison and a mysterious banishment from her own nation, she came to Germany and threw herself into humanitarian work. For almost five decades, her life was a mission to give war maimed children a new start and she helped save the lives of several thousand disabled children. Her dangerous endeavors to several warfields, predominately Vietnam, attracted attention throughout all Germany, but passed unnoticed in her homeland. For her humanitarian work she was called ‘The Angel of Children.’ 

In Denmark, Anna’s reputation as a traitor in 1944-45 has never been forgotten. When she died on June 2, 2007 at the ripe old age of 93 years, her story could be told to the world. 

ISBN 978-0-0839903-4-5 (2012) 20.00 per copy